In This Hello America

re-imagining and inhabiting the cultural space produced by Sasson Souffer's public sculpture Hello America

  The Hessel Museum, 2011













dismantle/rebuild: transforming the a delapidated building from the Worlds' Fair into a floating, collaborative, utopian moment.

  The Queens Museum, 2009







While The Bronx Was Burning Casa Amadeo Was Holding It Down

examining the material at the oldest record store in town

  The Bronx River Art Center, 2012













is constellation of artists who re-imagine cultural spaces, moments, materials, and artifacts together and with others. 








is often, has been, or will be:
douglas paulson
kerry downey
chris domenick
christopher robbins
cassie thornton
jo q. nelson
eva la cour
ward shelley




we've done a lot together
Congress of Collectives, 2011
A blind exploration of the one of NYC's most complex culture spaces, nachos, and the unexpected with MoMA teens 2011
Re-imaging the re-imagined at Why Participate?, 2011
A series of collaborative projects exploring the phenomenon of reuse in NYC. Reusable Cities at Build it Green, 2010
Re-purposing the sacrosanct at Saint Cecilia's uninhabited convent. St. Cecilia's Parish, 2010
What art are you for? The New Claes Oldenball at Collective Consumption, 2010
Follow the money. A wild ride through the strip malls of Long Island: The Market Crash Tour. 2009
Two people who barely know each other decide to meet exactly halfway between their homes. Lunch on a Lake. 2007
Many of us met while on a camping trip: The Tent Show. 2007