what's going on here?

we are exploring the phenomenon of Build It Green!:

Build it Green! responds directly to the need for materials and knowledge to be exchanged from building to building; from person to person. Materials are organized and reorganized,sold, haggled over, given away, and traded. Value is transformed: Would-be trash accrues potential.

Build it Green! has transformed 450 tons of landfill-bound trash into potential-filled material. This renewed material is spread throughout New York City: it's in homes, bars, theaters, art projects, on roofs, in walls, on floors. It's the only-one-like-it-ever thing you never knew you couldn't live without.


Now we are responding to Build It Green!: we want to dissect it. we want to map the objects and people that pass through this hub. we want to examine this alternative economy. we want to explore urban environmental action.

This series of projects is being developed collaboratively between us and B.I.G. It's a material conversation through which we ask questions of each other and respond in turn.

what does that mean?

The other day Dylan took us out back and showed us the dumpster."This is all the stuff we can't use. Your job is to use it." With those flattened cabinets, scraps of debris, and chunks of stuff, we'll build the Built it Green! Museum. It will become the platform from which our collaboration is launched.

Our job is to dig through B.I.G., to develop and impliment projects that augment it and its approach, its idiosyncrasies, and its ripple effects on New York City. The people of B.I.G. will offer ideas and challenges, and we'll respond, much like B.I.G. has responded to the ideas and challenges offered by New York City.

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